1810 to 1845

From the Macquarie era to ending transportation


by Victoria Macleay


This is the forty-six years in which Australia evolved from a ramshackle penal colony into a substantial colonial presence, from the visionary Macquarie era to the beginning of the end of transportation.


This book covers all the major events from Macquarie’s first days when corruption was steadily brought under control, the development of substantial infrastructure, the breaking down of class structures, widespread exploration and land settlement, the creation of South?Australia, Port Phillip and Western Australia, and the heroic battles to end convict transportation.


It also shows the steady political development as the colonies moved from autocratic control by all-powerful governors to the eve of self-government and elected parliaments.


This was the time when daring explorers took on the harsh environment and opened the land up for settlement, all at the expense of the rights of the indigenous population.


This is the period in which the Australia we know today began to be formed.

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