China: The Story of The Nation

And Its Relationship With Australia


by Elizabeth Onslow


In the 21st century China will become one of the most powerful nations on the planet.


Far-reaching economic reforms put in place by Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s turned China from a struggling Communist bureaucracy into the economic powerhouse of today. This is China, from its earliest history - the Imperial dynasties, constant wars to gain and hold power, the rise of philosophers Confucius and Tao, the arrival of the Europeans, tea and opium and isolationism.


In the 20th century we see how the Nationalists were destroyed by the Communists in 1949, launching 30 years of crazy schemes: the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards and the Gang of Four.


And then to China today - massive economic strides, industrial expansion, empowering the people, the Tiananmen Square disaster, censorship, human rights abuses, and the Communist leadership's hatred of opposition.


Included are details of Australia's relationship with China, China's government, transport, communications, religion, arts and crafts, food, and the environment.


This is China: The Story of the Nation.


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